Taliesin Centennial

In the summer of 2011, I was invited, along with a selection if other Wisconsin artists to paint the grounds of Taliesin, the original residence, school and community founded by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1911. The event was part of a celebration of Taliesin’s centennial year and proved to be a unique and intensely focused experience. I was fortunate to be in the almost daily company of three talented and accomplished artists: my wife Cynthia Quinn, Chris Gargan and Kyle Martin.

In the course of the two months that we were given we faced the intriguing challenge of framing and reframing compositions that were to become very familiar to us as we arrived every day. To simply represent the architecture of Taliesin was, I surmise, to sell it short of Mr. Wright’s intention. I believe that the land, the sky, the light, weather and wildlife all serve as components to what is the essence of Taliesin.

My intent in creating these works was not just to represent the beauty of the synthesis of nature and design but also to communicate the experience of ‘being there” firsthand and to focus on the design of the land not just the buildings. Familiarity with the surroundings freed me to explore beyond the representational and see more improvisational solutions.